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I used the power of my mind to attract $30,000 to launch my business, (without having the money!)

- Shalini Gadhia
I overcame my $6,000 debt with this material & earned $180,000 within a year & millions of dollars after that!

- Bob Proctor

Did you know that Money is just an idea?


Just like any other idea that comes THROUGH you, Money also comes THROUGH you!

It only comes FROM your business, career or any other sources of income you may have.

It is NEVER determined by your external circumstances but purely the IDEAS you have around it!

The way you can have the right idea about the people & objects around you, you can also have the right ideas around money in order to attract it in your life!

Finally, The Steps & Laws To Accumulating Riches Broken Down LIVE For You Directly From Your Home!


Have you always wanted to learn how the 1% think and massively transform your life or business? 

I would like to invite you to grow with me (I will mentor you) and a group that are all looking for the same outcome...Riches.

 Riches in finances, business career, relationships, spirituality, and health or all of them. 



This is a 12-week LIVE coaching mastermind broken down with weekly Zoom sessions, discussions, break-out rooms, and questions and answers to apply to Money Energetics & Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich material directly to your financial goals to achieve them with expert guidance and like-minded community. 

Included In The Think And Grow Rich Mastermind 

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Shalini Gadhia

12 Weeks Of Live Group Zoom Coaching Sessions

Chapter breakdown, discussions, live Q/As, and material implementation exercises: Shalini Gadhia's expert guidance, mentorship, and coaching to make significant transformations, broken down for true riches.

Think & Grow Rich Action Guide

This action guide breaks down each lesson, exercises, and questions to do at your own pace to apply the material and review on the mastermind sessions. The only true power is knowledge used.

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 Private Likeminded Community

You will be surrounded by others who have leaped to better themselves. You will also be assigned an accountability partner in the course of this journey to ensure you are applying the knowledge. This is the mastermind principle's power; you can also meet lifelong friends, business partners, and more. A sense of community is tremendous here! 

Think and Grow Rich Digital Book

This will be what we study for the mastermind. I will give you a PDF. If you don't mind me asking, you will read on time and come to the session ready to implement and apply the information.

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Start Date: Tuesday 5th March 2024

Time: 7pm Kenya Time / 8pm UAE Time for one hour every week
- 3 Tuesdays every month

Total Duration: 4 months

What Others are Saying

I am thrilled to share my experience with Shalini, a Bob Proctor consultant who is guiding me through understanding the 13 concepts of Napoleon Hill.

Shalini's mastermind is incredibly well-organized and cost-effective. Her ability to simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand language is truly remarkable.

Shalini's deep understanding of the material shines through in every lesson, making it a pleasure to learn from her.

I highly recommend Shalini to anyone seeking clarity and insight into these powerful concepts.

The Think and Grow RichMastermind is really amazing. I have read the book before but never understood.

But since I am on a journey of self development and with this programme, so much makes sense. Now the "Thinking into Results" also falls in place!

Just a month into it and I find so much clarity in what I want in life. It is not about the big picture but also the small action steps taken towards achieving the big goal. The picture of the person I want to become is finally shaping up. 

Thank you Shalini. And you are a great coach and a mentor.

I started the think and grow rich mastermind program in January this year with Shalini.

Initially I thought  we would read the book chapter by chapter and discuss the important points.

But when I started the most important thing I liked was it was very interactive and we would share our ideas in groups. This increased our understanding.

Shalini's instructions were so simple and  easily understood. I don't think I would have gained the knowledge without her guidance.

I have enrolled myself into the Mastermind which really is an ignition and acceleration to focus on my goals and working towards that.

Shalini has devised the course such a way every one  who has done the course will be able to understand their definiteness of purpose in life and reach their goals easily. 

Thank you Shalini

The Think and Grow Rich mastermind group has provided invaluable accountability in applying Napoleon Hill's principles.

Thanks to Coach Shalini's expert guidance, I've gained a deeper understanding and practical approach to implementing these transformative concepts.

Meet Shalini Gadhia

I have been helping numerous individuals in achieving their personal & professional success. 

My mission is to help you expand your consciousness and teach you how to transform your dreams and aspirations into tangible reality using the reliable and immutable laws of the universe.


I was forced to use the power of my mind to overcome my professional & life challenges, following a 15+ years of struggle in the corporate world in search of the next 'best' opportunity. 


I met my mentor Bob Proctor after getting fired from the corporate world and I landed a business opportunity (that needed an investment of $30,000) without having the money!

This made me realize that everything in life is possible, and the only obstacle is the one we create.

Success is no secret. Success is based on clear rules that can be implemented step by step. 

If you are someone who wants more from life than before, but doesn't know how to get it, this MasterMind is for you!

Your Investment

Original Value - KES 15,000/- or $150 per month

You pay - only KES 5,000* or $50* per month

Send your first monthly payment via Mpesa below
by 1st March 2024 to join:

Paybill: 542542

Account Number: 888909

For USD payment details or

any other enquiries, get in touch below:


* No Refunds Apply
*The participant enters into mentorship with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.
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