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the winner's formula

my morning routine


A winning morning routine is a guaranteed way to achieve your goals.

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and hence your results!


A routine sets you up on a path to discipline and consistency, and these are the key ingredients to success!

Special Offer:

Was $400 OR KES 40,000/-


Now: $300 or KES 30,000/- 

In this routine, I have laid out the exact steps that I use every morning in order to achieve my goals.

It consists of the FULL & exact step by step process that I used in order to manifest my current practice worth $30,000! 

All this I did with these steps without having the money!

If you follow the steps as I exactly lay out in this process, you will get onto the path of success straightaway and never have to wonder about the 'HOW' of your desires, wants or goals.

Remember that if you want to get different results in your life, you must do something different!

What does it Have?

1. The exact sequence of action items that I implemented to manifest my current practice with specific timelines for each action item

2. My study material that propelled me to the next level effortlessly 

3. The exact way to write your goal and engage with it on a daily basis

4. My specific statements that I used in order to manifest my current practice for FREE!

5. How to attract what you want by expressing gratitude in advance. How to do this in the right way.

6. A technique that will help you rewire your paradigm in order to move closer to your goal.

you get all this only with a one time investment!

For KES payment:

Send Mpesa to

Paybill – 542542, Account number – 888909

For USD payment:

Contact me on +254 110 449 624 via WhatsApp for payment link

To Your Growth & Success,
Shalini Gadhia


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