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Thinking Into Results has had a profound impact on millions of individuals and companies globally. 

From opening businesses, to achieving revenue goals, to job promotions, to manifesting partners, families, to creating an excellent work-life balance, there is no result this system has not been able to achieve.

It has permitted individuals and companies to take control of their lives and businesses in ways they never thought!

You can have that too!




I struggled for a year with my coaching business, with you I was able to come up with a plan for my coaching business within 3 weeks of working with you! 

I found my passion through Thinking Into Results and I did not know how to speak in English properly before joining Thinking Into Results. I learnt how to stop worrying about what other people think of me & I was able to move out of my comfort zone & perform on stage for the first time! My self image has completely transformed and I learnt to love myself & others unconditionally through this process.

I was not happy with my family relationships before and now my mind has gained a lot of clarity and my relationships with my husband, children and my extended family are very harmonious after going through Thinking Into Results. THEY did not change! What changed is my thinking and everything outside me started changing!

My husband left his job & launched his real estate business within 3 months of joining Thinking Into Results & generated $24,000 in revenue.

We put all our faith in the system and everything happened because of Thinking Into Results!
The way Thinking into results is designed is very different from other programs. It is very results based.


judith Nabankema 


Since I enrolled in Thinking Into Results, my self-image has greatly improved and now I feel that I can be and do anything. This is because of the increased awareness of how to acquire results. I know & understand that I am the cause and the solution to the life I desire to live. How amazing is that!

My colleagues & I opened a software training company for students in 2020 but it stalled. Thanks to Thinking Into Results, our business has really picked up since a month ago and we are expecting more business next month.

Not only that, I have also been invited to different forums for speaking engagements and this is totally a dream come true for me! My life is changing drastically and my income is changing!

I believe TIR is something that everyone needs in their life. Go for it!

business pwner.jpg



I wanted to let you know that I reached my income goal of $200,000 this month after joining Thinking Into Results. I feel fantastic! I am now finally living the life of my dreams. Thanks to your guidance. You changed my life.




I would like to share my experience with Thinking Into Results as a product of the system and not as Shalini's sister. Largely the results are dependent on the amount of work you are willing to put in with Shalini's guidance. She treated me like any other client throughout the process without any biasI have been searching for answers and change for years. I started my journey by pursuing various meditations and courses on Mindvalley and YouTube. Over time I realized that sadly, I was not getting anywhere. Recently, Shalini introduced me to Thinking into Results by Bob Proctor. In the beginning I was hesitant but today I am glad she got me started. It is through Thinking into Results that the actual shifts started happening. I realized that the knowledge is very in-depth, detailed and elaborate. It unfolds tricks and techniques which I never came across on other platforms. It teaches you how to maneuver your mind, hence your life.  In a span of a few months through Thinking into Results, I was able to grow my start up company and earn the kind of income that I have never earned by being employed for over 10 years. Thinking into Results did the trick for me as it brought a deeper understanding of my inner self as I experienced PERMANENT CHANGE through subconscious reprogramming. I am grateful to Shalini for guiding me through this process.


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Thank you Shalini for giving me Thinking Into Results and your coaching and the insights. The program is phenomenal and it has drastically changed my self image and my perception of the outer world. It has had a direct impact on my business. You guided me on how to set C-Type Goals and I am crushing my revenue goals! You showed me how to how to align my beliefs and attitude with my goals and this had a direct impact on my goals. I look forward to crushing more goals!


valentine musundi


I wholeheartedly recommend Shalini for anyone aiming to enhance their personal or professional life.


In my time with her, I was impressed by her consistent support, insightful guidance, and commitment to my success.


She combines expertise with a personalized approach, ensuring not just immediate progress but lasting change.


She is truly exceptional at what she does and comes highly recommended for those ready to expand

Screenshot (75).png

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Before Thinking Into Results, I thought there was something wrong with me. I had a very poor self image. There was always something lacking inside me. I would never complete anything after starting it.

I acquired the missing piece with Thinking Into Results as I can now set goals for myself and achieve them as I now know what I need to do. 

I used to set very small goals as I had limiting beliefs. With Thinking Into Results I learnt that what you can achieve depends on your self image and it has gifted me with the ability to upgrade my self image based on my goals.

I bought a brand new Tesla because of Thinking Into Results!




It's said that when the student is ready, the master will appear. I feel like this is what happened to me with TIR and working with Shalini.


I was seeing success in some areas of my life but in others that I really wanted I just couldn’t seem to move forward no matter what I did.


TIR has helped me see where the blocks where and how to change them, my thinking and my self-image too, since this is what determines almost everything in life.


I feel empowered and glad to have resources that I can keep referring to even later on in life.

My outlook on life has changed in several areas and I have a renewed attitude full of hope, passion & an expectation for good that isn’t just based on ‘good vibes’.


I believe mindset work is literally the code to knowing how to function as a human being and to help us achieve the goals and dreams that we have.

Linda K.jpeg

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Now I am setting high-level goals, goals that I look at and I'm like, WOW!


Goals are good, you might have goals, you could be working on them, but the moment you join consultancy with Shalini, it takes you to a different level and to another level.


So the first level of awareness was goal setting, then there's also the belief systems as to why you're not able to set those goals. And second, and another thing I learned about goal setting as well is you always know what you want


'If you DO NOT prioritize yourself, you will always have a gap within you. You will ALWAYS have businesses to run, parenting and other responsibilities to take care of.


Working with Shalini has taken me to another level. I learnt how to make decisions in a snap & move to the next level just within a week. Never be a victim of your circumstances!''




I enrolled for this course with Shalini - Live from Inside Out.


It is very deep yet so true and practical.


I learnt that we either make ourselves or break ourselves.


I am so grateful to have started this. It is absolutely worth it!

Amit Preety.jpg



I find the concepts taught by Shalini very unique.


She guides me on practical ways to apply them in my daily life and they have brought amazing transformations for me. I have a lot of clarity on how to communicate more effectively with people around me.


I am very motivated, and I look forward to more progress in my life.




I never knew how to set goals for myself, I was just getting by life and taking every opportunity that came my way.

Now I am setting C Goals for myself both personally and professionally.

I can already see my goals getting ticked off. One crazy experience I have had - I had written on my goal card to speak as a Webinar Panelist for my business in March and last week I got a request to do the same! I was in complete awe of how amazingly things are unfolding for me!

I am also breaking my old habits and learning how to set good ones to achieve massive results. Earlier I thought I am lazy as I was slacking but it was actually my Paradigm which I had no idea about and how to change it! I now wake up daily very motivated to work on my goals!

I will use Thinking Into Results lifelong as I am now expanding my awareness and also using the principles of Thinking Into Results with my family.

Please give yourself a chance to use Thinking Into Results & you will thank yourself for trusting this program. Shalini is an amazing consultant & I feel there is now a bond with her as she is always on top of her work. I do not feel like I am her client but someone is simply supporting me through this process.

business woman.jpg



I just signed my new home! I wanted to thank you for introducing me to to the wonderful world of Thinking Into Results. I must admit that I did have many moments of fear and resistance in between but through your guidance, I had the courage to keep moving forward. I was inspired by the 333 story and I was amazed when it worked for myself! I manifested a new home after 13.5 years of being stuck at a place I did not enjoy living in. Thank you again. Sending love and light your way.




I have followed The Secret since 2006 but have never had a mentor before. I had been doing many free workshops but never got the results I wanted! I decided to enroll into Thinking into Results with Shalini and I am so thrilled! Shalini is an awesome lady and Consultant.




I want you thank you for the material. Ever since I started studying it, I have been smiling. I have been so upbeat, its crazy! But I feel great! I can’t wait to become a PGI Consultant myself! I am waiting to join you and the other consultants in teaching this to others. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you guiding me through this journey. If it was not for you, I would have given up. I wanted you to know that I appreciate you A LOT!.

Screenshot (54).png

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My life was the same day in day out and I thought to myself, 'there has got to be more!' It was the same day in day out and I was not inspired at all!

With Thinking Into Results, I feel like I now have much more energy as I was always fatigued. I am more aware of everything, I was suppressed for 15 years and have now grown and discovered my new passion. I would never have thought of living my passion without Thinking Into Results. I now have the confidence to do better. My mental faculties have opened me up and have overcome so many fears I had.

I now understand how to set goals and I am now setting C-goals which I would never have done without Thinking Into Results. My perception of situations have totally changed and I am now responding instead of reacting 

It has created so much harmony in my marriage. It has given me a 360 degree change!

Screenshot (72).png

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eric froats


Why do you have to do what people do?

I was leading a very average life and did not know how to do more. 

Thinking Into Results helped me to find my passion and I learnt how to set C Type goals and achieve them! I was only achieving mediocre goals before. I learnt that I had more potential and really learnt how to revive my imagination and belief.

My dreams had faded away in the quest for living an ordinary life.

What are you waiting for? Are you really enjoying it? DO NOT SETTLE! Why are you limiting yourself? 

Screenshot (74).png

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Thinking Into Results helped me close the knowing-doing gap in a BIG way. I had a lot of knowledge on doing things but was never actually doing them.

I am now setting C Goals and going for bigger things. Thinking Into Results is one of the best decisions you will ever make. This comes from someone who had a low confidence and someone who had never accomplished anything big. 

Investing in yourself is the best thing you will ever do! 

I feel more ceratin about my future as I now have more control over my thoughts. My life is awesome because of Thinking Into Results.

Screenshot (56)_edited.jpg

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Thinking Into Results taught me how to set C-Type Goals! I never thought I could achieve such big goals in my life! I was setting ordinary goals and had become robotic in life.

It reached a point where I could never entertain the idea of being in a relationship. Thinking Into Results taught me how to start caring about my clients as people and really connect with them. 

With Thinking Into Results, I learnt that I could be much more than just a dentist. I had no idea I could also be a business owner!


It really brought out the human side of me and my employees are impressed as I now make an effort to understand them. As a result, they open up to me and the working environment is fantastic.

I highly recommend Thinking Into Results, even for those who think they know what they are doing as it really helps in our daily lives. The material really keeps you going when you are having a bad day.

Thinking Into Results makes me look forward to my life on a daily basis & everyday is now an incredible day for me!

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