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about shalini gadhia

How I Would Love to Help You

Shalini is a Success Enabler, whose mission is to help you live a life you love by guiding you on your journey to find your purpose. Your life is meant to be lived purposefully as you earn the kind of money you wish to earn. 

Who says earning money is hard, takes a lot of effort and needs compromise of personal time?

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My Childhood

Born in a small town called Kisumu, in Kenya, East Africa, I moved to the city of Nairobi in the quest for opportunities to earn better and grow professionally. Growing up, I always heard the words ‘you have to be very smart to earn money’ and ‘money does not come easy’

My parents had 3 girls to support and so they had to give up their inherited savings in order to pay for my Bachelors degree in Business Administration at USIU in Nairobi, Kenya. This was all in the quest to enable me obtain a degree and earn money. My journey in the corporate world began soon after.

I thought working harder was the answer...

After working a few years, I was not satisfied with the results I was looking for. It was not enough!

Since this did not cut it, I wanted to ‘get smarter’ and to ‘earn better’. As a result, I worked harder to fund my MBA. I finally thought I had the answer!

In search of more and better, I landed various opportunities only to keep moving from one opportunity to the next! I realized ‘being smarter’ did not bring the satisfaction I desired.

Soon after I lost my dad to a deadly disease and as if my grief was not over, I also ended up getting fired from one of the corporates for lack of results!

This triggered my journey to search for answers through several systems but never got sustainable results from any of them.

I finally hit home when I came across world renowned Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results. I discovered that no matter how much information you gather, if you do not change your paradigm, you will NEVER achieve the results you desire!

How it happened for me - without having the money!

It took me 2 years to come across my mentor Bob Proctor who helped me identify my purpose of elevating people's lives.

The process not only helped me identify my purpose but also helped me start practicing it without having the money!


I was able to shift my paradigm in a way that I was granted my practice worth $30,000 as opposed to having to invest in it!

This is when my life took a complete turn!

  1. My days are now filled with purpose & joy​​

  2. I doubled my income within a year with a work-life balance

  3. I have meaningful & fulfilling relationships

I can also help you do the same!

Do you want to live a purpose filled life with more income - without compromising your personal time and feeling stuck? 

Let’s have a chat!

To Your Success,


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