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money mastery

Money is a very essential commodity in our lives yet a very sensitive topic to discuss.

I’d like you to know that Money is just an idea!


Just like any other idea that comes FROM you, Money also comes FROM you!

It is NEVER determined by your external circumstances but purely the IDEAS you have around it!

Who is this for?

  1. You are working too hard & not earning what you REALLY want

  2. You think money is hard to earn & doesn’t come easily

  3. You are financially challenged owing to the prevailing economic conditions

  4. You are struggling with debt

  5. You feel like you never have enough money or it doesn't come to you easily

  6. You always have way too many bills to pay

What You Will Learn

Week 1 & 2

  1. The root cause of your financial struggles

  2. Understand why money goes to others & not you

  3. Discover your current money identity

  4. Redesign your money identity to match your financial goals 

Week 3 & 4

  1. Understand the energetics of money & how money REALLY works

  2. Embody the universal laws that govern the movement of money to you 

  3. Become magnetic to money

  4. Build a loving relationship with money. Make money your best friend!

Week 5 & 6

  1. Learn the art of image creation to match your financial goal

  2. Learn techniques to start attracting money with ease & consistently

  3. Discover an approach to stay on the money frequency on a daily basis

  4. Master the habits to become a millionaire for a wealthy mindset!

Crystal Salt

Program Details

course duration: 6 weeks 

course mode: online

Access to Money Mastery

  • ONE TIME Investment with lifetime access

  • Apply it lifetime towards achievement of multiple financial goals 

  • Lesson recordings + videos to help guide you along the way to the path of building a winning money mindset.

  • A workbook to help expand and challenge you to apply what you have learnt

  • A wealth of resources filled with rich strategies to help you master your money mindset

  • Practical action steps to get you moving to the next stage

Mentoring Sessions

  • Online Coaching videos with me for each module

  • 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with me – 60 minute call for each module to give you the support, encouragement, and answers to help you move to the next level

Weekly Mastermind (Optional with an additional investment)

  • Meet up weekly on my Mastermind with other like-minded individuals to study the works of masters in the world of money, professional and personal achievement

Energy Exchange

Introductory Offer:​​

Original Price: $750 or KES 75,000/-​

Offer Price: $600 or KES 60,000/-

For KES Payment

Mpesa to:

Paybill: 542542

A/c No: 888909

For USD payment:

Contact me on +254 110 449 624 via WhatsApp for payment link

Installment Option:

2 monthly payments of


Ksh 35,000/- each


or $350 each

Terms & Conditions

The participant agrees to the following:


  1. The participant enters into mentorship with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. 

  2. Be honest and participate fully. Recognize that mentorship sessions are a way to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen.

  3. Make a commitment to completing all of your assignments and to the action plans you create and do what you have agreed to do. 

  4. Program fees are collected before beginning the program. There are No Refunds.

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