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the creator

The Creator is a concept that will help you overcome your current circumstances and give you the practical step-by-step approach of how to start moving towards your dreams or actual purpose in life.

We often get in our own way and are almost never aware of this.

I will share practical techniques to enable you overcome the roadblocks you have been facing in trying to achieve your goal(s) / dream(s) / purpose


Who is this for?

  • You are stuck in a pattern of habits that are not serving you

  • You are a MAJOR procrastinator & can’t seem to get things DONE on time or at all

  • You are extremely busy but do not get the results you REALLY want!

  • You are experiencing recurrent money blocks & can't seem to improve your income without struggle

  • Your self-concept is getting in your way. You don’t feel good enough to pursue your dreams

  • You are unable to overcome your inner nagging voice that stops you every time you try to pursue your dreams or purpose  

  • You are constantly worried about what other people will think or say about you

  • You think you can’t achieve what ‘those other people’ you look upto have achieved

  • You have fears, doubts & worries about getting started on your new journey & goals & these have been constant roadblocks for you

  • You run into a series of circumstantial challenges that you can't seem to find a way out of 

it's time to get out of your own way!

Expected Outcomes 

  1. Build a winning money mindset

  2. Understand the energetics of money, how money REALLY works & become magnetic to money 

  3. Build a loving relationship with money

  4. Learn a sustainable way of developing new habits

  5. Beat procrastination

  6. Do the very thing your fears have been stopping you from doing

  7. Learn the different stages of fear and identify at what stage you are stuck & move past it

  8. Identify what part of your self-image is a current hinderance to your progress

  9. Build a new self image & start aligning your self-image with your goal(s)

  10. Get out of the ‘struggle’ mode by exiting the cycle of ‘ordinary thinking’

  11. Overcome recurring challenges by learning strategies to create circumstances that favor you

Program Details 

Course Duration: 16 weeks    

Course Mode: Online, 7 modules 

Access to The Creator Program

  • ONE TIME Investment 

  • Use it for achievement of multiple goals in your life

  • Use it to take leaps towards what you REALLY want  

  • Lesson recordings + videos to help guide you along the way to the path of achieving your goal

  • A workbook to help expand and challenge you to apply what you have learnt at each step

  • A wealth of resources filled with rich strategies to help you master your life

  • Practical action steps to get you moving to the next stage



Mentoring Sessions

  • Online Coaching videos with me for each lesson 

  • 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with me –  ONE 60 minute call per lesson to give you the support, encouragement, and answers to help you move to the next level

Online Community Access

  • Access to an online community with others studying the program. Creating your own circle of influence helping you achieve your goals

Weekly Mastermind (Optional with an additional investment)

  • Meet up weekly on my Mastermind with other like-minded individuals to study the works of masters in the world of money, professional and personal achievement. 

What you will Learn:

Lesson 1:

  • Identify your current beliefs that are a hinderance to your goals, wants & desires

  • Set your goals based on what you REALLY want rather than what you think you can get based on current circumstances. Learn the creative process of converting your fantasy into a fact!

  • Learn a unique way of designing your goals, wants & desires & engaging with them

Lesson 2:

  • Embody the universal laws of money to make it your best friend!

  • Discover why money goes to others & does not come to you!

  • Learn techniques to start attracting money with ease & consistently 

  • Master the habits to become a millionaire 



Lesson 3:

  • Are you confronted with the same challenges everyday? Let's learn how to Beat Procrastination & move from knowing mode into the doing mode

  • Are you doing things you don't want to do, getting results you don't want to get and for some strange reason you continue to do them anyway? Learn a sustainable way of developing new habits!

  • I help you identify the habits that aren’t serving you currently & convert them into habits that will help you start moving towards your goal (s).

Lesson 4:

  • You can never outperform your self image, you can only CHANGE IT! Self image is the biggest limiting factor in your paradigm. Identify what part of your self-image is a current hinderance to your progress

  • Your self image is currently built on how other people view you. Over the years you may have lost your own view of who YOU really are. Self Image is first an internal job. Identify the new self-image you would like to have

  • Your self image determines EVERYTHING that happens in your life & because  you tend to identify yourself with your mistakes and failures & end up labelling yourself. Start aligning your self-image with your goals, wants & desires

Lesson 5:

  • Learn the different stages of fear and identify at what stage you are stuck. Learn how to counter fear and go through an exercise that enables you to take the leap you have been avoiding.

  • Understand why your worries, doubts and anxieties have no basis

  • I will share techniques that will enable you propel your ‘fear energy’ towards what you REALLY want.

Lesson 6:

  • Learn the technique of image creation to match your desires

  • Get out of the ‘struggle’ mode by exiting the cycle of ‘ordinary thinking’

  • Create your own circumstances that are aligned with your goals

Lesson 7:

  • Learn the technique of turning situations in your favor

  • Make circumstances WORK FOR YOU as you opposed to being a victim of your circumstances 

  • Create winning opportunities to propel you to the next level with fun & excitement 

Your Investment 

Limited Time Offer:

Was $3,000 or KES 300,000/-

Now $2,000 or KES 200,000/-

Installment Option:

4 monthly payments of


Ksh 60,000/- each


or $600 each

For KES Payment

Mpesa to:

Paybill: 542542

A/c No: 888909

For USD payment:

Contact me on +254 110 449 624 via WhatsApp for payment link

Terms & Conditions 

The participant agrees to the following


  1. The participant enters into mentorship with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. 

  2. Be honest and participate fully. Recognize that mentorship sessions are a way to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen.

  3. Make a commitment to completing all of your assignments and to the action plans you create and do what you have agreed to do. 

  4. Program fees are collected before beginning the program. There are No Refunds.

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