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Are you tired of setting goals that never quite resonate with your true aspirations?


Do you find yourself facing obstacles that hinder your progress towards the life you envision?


It's time to break free from the cycle of uncertainty and start setting purposeful goals!

Join me on Thursday, August 17th, at 4:00 PM EAT (1:00 PM GMT) for an online Zoom session that will guide you towards unveiling your unique purpose and crafting goals that align with your deepest passions.

hosted by Shalini Gadhia 

🚀 What to Expect: During this engaging session, you'll gain insights on how to identify the obstacles that have been holding you back. I will provide you with the foundation to set goals that genuinely resonate with your aspirations

💡 Highlights:

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Discover practical techniques to overcome obstacles that have been impeding your progress, both personally and professionally.

  • Unveiling Your Purpose: Tap into your inner essence and get the clarity you need to set meaningful goals.

  • Crafting Purposeful Goals: Learn the art of setting goals that are aligned with your passions and aspirations.

🎉 Why Attend:


This session isn't just about setting goals; it's about transforming your approach to life. 


Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or a more fulfilling lifestyle, this session is your stepping stone towards doing more & better.

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