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What Fear Really Is and How to Use it to YOUR BENEFIT

Fear is a natural emotion, but it can be difficult to overcome. Many people think that fear is bad and that we should remove ourselves from it. But fear can actually be used to propel yourself forward rather than stopping you from doing what you really want.

Fear can actually be helpful

Fear is a natural human emotion that warns us of danger or threat, so it serves as a survival mechanism for the body to prepare us to fight back when necessary. When you feel fearful, your heart rate increases which helps you run faster or escape an attacker.

But fear can also be detrimental if we let it stop us from doing what we want to do in life because once you feel afraid of something, there’s no going back! This is where most people lose out as they back off from a decision as they tend to let their fear overtake them, rather than focusing on what it is that they really want.

Knowing your fears and the place they take in your life is a key to making good decisions

If you're afraid of something, it's usually because you've experienced it before and it was bad.

In order for your fear to be overcome, firstly you need to know what it is.

Fear can be a good thing— if we use it to propel ourselves forward rather than back off from moving towards our goals.

However if your fear is out of control and preventing you from doing what needs to be done in life then that’s when it becomes negative (versus positive).

Once you are aware of what you fear, it's time to examine whether their roots are more about you or more about the situation.

Fear is nothing but a physical reaction to a new idea that has been introduced in your mind. Your mind is conditioned to think based on what you currently know and what you are currently used to.

Hence as soon as a new or different idea is introduced, the current conditioning rejects it and it causes a discomfort at a mental level that translates to anxiety and fear at a physical level.

Knowing your fears, looking at them and thinking them through will help you overcome them.

Knowing your fears, looking at them and thinking them through will help you overcome them.

  • Fear of public speaking: What is the worst thing that could happen? Always look at the worst-case scenario and remember: You will NOT DIE! YOU GOT THIS!

  • Fear of failure: Will anyone care if I fail? Will this make me look stupid in front of other people/my boss/my family (etc)? Remember -Nobody cares about you! They only REALLY care about themselves so QUIT worrying about what someone else thinks of you!

  • Fear of success: Would this be too big for me now because success often comes with burdens such as responsibility towards others as well as worries which means more work needs done than before! The truth is – Success can be achieved with an amazing work-life balance. It is a myth that you have to work harder or better to become successful.


Once you're aware of your fears, it's time to look at them and think through their validity. The only way to overcome them is by facing them head on, looking at what they are really telling us and asking ourselves if they are worth taking up our time.

Indecision is what almost always causes fear. When you are indecisive, it means you are thinking for too long about what to do hence the fear gets enough time to kick in. However, when you make an instant decision, you don’t have time to do any dilly dallying and you will move into action immediately, giving no time for the fear to kick in.


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