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Our Clients Say


Since I enrolled in Thinking Into Results, my self-image has greatly improved and now I feel that I can be and do anything. My colleagues & I opened a software training company for students in 2020 but it stalled. Thanks to Thinking Into Results, our business has really picked up since a month ago and we are expecting more business next month.

Judith Nabankema, Business Owner 

Watch my TV Interview on How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Did you know that you are utilizing only 4% of your mind?

This is why most people are just getting by life... are you one of them? 

Are you REALLY in-charge of your life? 

ask yourself


Are you living the life you truly wish to live?


Do you wake up with excitement to start each day?


Are you faced with a specific challenge that you need resolved?

Do you have a burning desire for a change in your life?

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how can i help


Whether you know exactly what you want to achieve, or simply know that you want something more than what you currently have, Thinking into Results will open your mind to all you are capable of doing… then empower you to DO it.


You may have tried making changes in the past and may realized that the results either did not last or kept fluctuating. This is because you did not reprogram your mind to accept those results. With Thinking Into Results, I work with you to help you get sustainable results, not just once, but over & over again.


Whether you're a senior executive, managing a team, a stay at home mum, a small business owner, new to the workforce, or a student, every concept covered in this system will help you move from where you are now to where you really want to be, not just once, but over and over again.

Everything you need is already here! Then why are you struggling so much?

With Thinking into Results, I help you uncover what's stopping you from where you want to go. 


Thinking into Results is a one-of-a-kind scientific, step by step formula based on over 75 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement.


Developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor and legendary corporate attorney Sandy Gallagher, it is the most powerful system EVER created for bringing permanent results in any area of your life.


Thinking into Results is a comprehensive system designed to facilitate positive & profound change in any area of your life, some of which (but not limited to) include:

• An excellent work - life balance, create more personal time

• Harmonious relationships at home and at work

• Open & sustain a thriving business 

• Better income &/or improved business results 

• More and better impact at work and socially


• Increasing the scope of the ideas that flow through you (you are a powerful being with infinite potential)

• Improved health

• Attracting a partner 

• Having a family

OR ANY OTHER GOAL that you choose!



Discover what is stopping you from getting what you want 


What do you REALLY want? Most people don’t even know what they want. They set goals based on who they are around & their current circumstances. Most people settle for what they know how to achieve. I help you discover what YOU really want and help you get it

''The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little." - Thomas Merton


Understand the workings of the mind like never before and master your inner game to achieve the results you truly desire.

I help you re-discover the non-intellectual part of the mind.

In order to change the results in your life, you have to change the workings of your mind from its deepest level.


You can never change your paradigm if you do not understand how it came about. I help you get to the root cause of what is stopping you and get you to freedom - where you can achieve anything you want. I take you to a stage where you become unstoppable!

You will need a telescope to look back at where you came from!

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how can your company benefit

Get your employees to achieve sustainable results

Most employees undergo multiple trainings but never exhibit consistent performance. With Thinking Into Results, I help your employees deliver lasting results by changing their paradigm.

I drove Prudential Insurance into billions of dollars in revenue by helping their employees close their knowing-doing gap.

- Bob Proctor

get started

       Book a Discovery Call


Let's have a chat so I can help you discover what you really want. Is there something in your life that you would like to change? Is there something that isn't quite working for you? Is there something you know you can do better but are not able to? Are you looking for more? Have you tried doing something in the past and did not get any sustainable results?


Learn how I can help

During the session, I get a thorough understanding of where you currently stand & where you would really like to be. I help you establish what is stopping you & provide you with options of how I can help you overcome your current challenges & make the change you are looking for.


Make a Decision!

Decisions, or a lack of them, are responsible for making or breaking a life. Your whole life is dominated by this power - your health, your family's well being, your social life, all your relationships - all are dependent upon your ability to make sound decisions!

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