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Join the Program and Redesign Your Life

Day to Day - Live From Inside Out is a concept that will help you design a new reality.


No matter where you are in your life at the moment and what circumstances are playing out for you, Live From Inside Out helps you to be in charge and start transforming the outcomes in different areas of your life on a day-day basis.

Your Challenges

  • Too much on your plate personally &/or professionally

  • Things NEVER work in your favor!

  • Lack of cooperation from spouse / family members / friends / co-workers

  • People are out there to put you down!

  • Lack of support &/or feeling lonely

  • Lack of genuine friends

  • Business doesn’t seem to be picking up!

  • Lack of money / financial distress

  • Lack of confidence 

Through the use of your imagination, your moods & emotions, your inner speech & attention, I help you redesign your current experiences by helping you reverse the challenges you face on a day-day basis.

Course Duration: 30 days    Course Mode: Online

Program Details

Lifetime access to ‘Day to Day - Live From Inside Out’ Program

  • ONE TIME Investment 

  • Use it for achievement of several outcomes

  • Pre-recorded guided meditations for goal achievement

  • Pre-recorded live sessions with me to explain the concepts & guide you on the way forward

  • 1:1 calls can be set up upon request at an additional cost

  • Worksheets to help expand and challenge you to apply what you have learnt

  • A FREE PDF book will be provided for studying + repetition

  • Lesson recordings + videos to help guide you along the way to the path of transformation

​       Value Add

  • Weekly Book Club - on how to strengthen your mental faculties in order to accelerate your results

Expected Outcomes 

  • Accept the idea of what you are really seeking rather than living an unhappy & compromised life based on current circumstances. Learn the creative process of converting your fantasy into a fact!

  • Be in charge by learning how to speak to yourself daily to move closer to your desired reality. “If you do not learn how to rule your mind, your mind will rule you.”

  • Be in the receiving mode as opposed to the ‘longing’ mode. We keep wishing for things to happen. This is where we learn how to REALLY make them happen.


Let's Get Started

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